The Top 10 Entertainment Couples Of 2009

I call them Entertainment Couples as they needed each other to gain notoriety and more publicity for their own lives. In most cases there's a lesson in these for all of us. Whether we learn from them or not, they each left an impression in 2009.
10. David Letterman & His Female Staff

Late night talk show host, David Letterman, vindicates (huh?) sexual relations with some female staff by saying it indeed happened. He did this as a result of being threatened with extortion/blackmail for $2 million. I didn’t hear his words being an apology but more like an act to protect his reputation before the potential shit hits the fan. Letterman wins the 2009 “Beat-You-To-The-Punch” award. And of course, his show’s ratings increased after his personal, yet public, announcement.
9. Adam Lambert & His Band

Publicly open about being gay, Adam Lambert admitted on the Jay Leno Show that he didn’t actually do what was rehearsed before his live performance on the American Music Awards. The show’s executives didn’t like his blow job simulation, deep kissing of a male band member, pole dancing and the S&M for the lover boys in your life. Adam does not regret being anything other than what he is; a creative performer who is also gay.
8. Mackenzie & John Phillips

One Day at a Time series star claimed that she and her father, now deceased, had consensual, incestuous relations which also led to her eventual pregnancy. Her father, John Philips, was the famous founder and singer of the group, The Mamas and The Papas. Since her public revelation, it had been reported that many have come forward with their own demons and are on the path of healing.
7. Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

Ms. Houston’s made a comeback on the music scene while openly revealing on Oprah her drug use, verbal and physical abuse with ex-husband, Bobby Brown. On one of her new songs she sings a line: “I was not built for dying”. Congrats, Whitney!
6. Jon & Kate Gosselin

No longer married, their once highly popular show fell apart after Jon’s cheating heart found the spotlight. Jon and Kate are now one less plus their eight kids, who according to both parents miss the show and all the camera people around. Kate will be hosting her own talk show in the future. And Jon will be making money—how?
5. Kayne West & Taylor Swift

Linked together by one incident at the MTV music video awards show; Kayne got on stage interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Pop Video award saying that Beyonce had the best video for her “Single Ladies”. She didn’t throw back insults to Kayne but she later admitted that her mom had words for him backstage.
4. Roman Polanski & His Past

Pleaded guilty back in the 70s for unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor but avoided sentencing by hiding out in Europe. With an outstanding international arrest warrant from 2005, Polanski was arrested by Swiss police in September 2009, when he traveled to Switzerland for a lifetime achievement award in film. The United States awaits his actual handover since requesting it October 23. Roman Polanski is living proof that you can’t run away from your past.
3. Chris Brown & Rhianna.

Definitely better apart than together but they both gave media attention to dating abuse and violence in relationships.
2. Sarah Palin & Levi Johnston.

She may have lost on the campaign trail alongside Senator McCain but she scored a win in the literary world with her best seller "Going Rogue" while her ex-son-in-law-to-be Levi Johnston, the ex-fiancĂ© of Bristol Palin, has been a poster boy for Playgirl. He pimped himself out for $25,000. A bit of an opportunist, ya think? Each is feeding each other’s publicity without even trying.
1. Tiger Woods & Dick

This man has been so busy with alleged mistresses numbering 15 (where did he find the time?). Some allegedly for years. On Larry King Live, Tiger Woods once said that his family came first and golf always second. I think his penis was always number one making Tiger and his Dick the Entertainment Couple of 2009.

By Paige_Me